Baby Boomers

For years I have been looking further into the baby boomer generation to see if any of them have a conscious.  I still have not met one that isn’t rude, self-centered or spoiled rotten.  This generation has not only ruined the America I grew up in, but are continually ruining it for the future generations to come.

The worst type of baby boomer out there is “The Boss”.  My next post will be a story about how I endured hell from a baby boomer boss for many years.  This person had me brained washed into thinking I would never find another job, how I was horrible at what I did, and how his nickle and dime raises proved he needed the money more than I did.  This person was my first real experience with the baby boomer generation.  While I was still at this company, I started to listen and watch more of the baby boomers only to find out that they all act this way.

This blog is to show my findings on the Baby Boomers of America and how they have destroyed America.  Sit back and enjoy the ride!

“My generation had sucked up so much attention, and here were these kid struggling for an identity. They were forgotten.” – John Hughes


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